Splice & Spin: Splice Multiple Articles Into One Spintax Construct

One of the fastest ways of creating spun content, is to gather up a collection of articles on the same topic and theme, and then splice them together at the paragraph level into large spintax constructs.

But doing this manually, while ensuring you don't break the spintax, is a copy-and-paste nightmare. And trying to manually shuffle the paragraphs is a recipe for failure. Which is why we created this incredibly handy tool...

Simple copy and paste in a bunch of articles, leave a blank line between each and enter '##' to denote the end of each article, and then simply choose your output options. See the notes below...

Copy & Paste Articles Below (Content Locked For Demo)

Create article with paragraphs (Min 3).   Ignore paragraphs shorter than characters¹.


You MUST place a double hash '##' on its own blank line after each and every article, including the last one. Failure to add this will mean the software has no way of knowing where articles stop and start, and so cannot calculate which are the first and last paragraphs.

Standard members can input up to 75k of articles (approx. 20 x 700 word articles) which with short'ish paragraphs will yield a 12 paragraph construct with 20 spins each. Premium members can input up to 200k of articles (approx. 50 x 700 word articles) which with short'ish paragraphs will yield a 12 paragraph construct with 50 spins each.

The software will automatically keep the first and last paragraphs in-place; they will not be shuffled into the mid paragraphs. This ensures that intro/outro paragraphs retain their natural position, but also means that any construct can only have as many first and last paragraphs as the number of articles you enter; 20 articles means 20 first and 20 last paragraphs.

¹Most of the time you can leave the 'Ignore paragraphs shorter than...' setting at 100 characters. This prevents the system seeing titles/sub-titles and bullet-points as paragraphs; which would look odd after being mixed in with the general content. This also means that most of the time you don't have to go through and delete any titles/sub-titles etc, as it will automatically remove them.

It will automatically ignore any paragraph that starts with an 'http://', to prevent pure URL lines getting used. You should embed your own link-coded HTML blocks afterwards, or add them to the end of a mid paragraph.

Titles should be created with the Title Builder and added to the start of the construct.

²You can massively increase the number of overall permutations and also increase the spinning 'granularity' by selecting the 'Char Spin' option. You can choose between 'Standard' and 'Extended' code-sets. These are explained in detail on the Char Spinning tool page.