"Man, I can't believe this... On Sept 27th I was showing around 5800 backlinks to one of my big sites in Majestic SEO, and that's after some solid link-building since February. Today, Oct 14th, I'm showing nearly 12k! That's doubled in 2 and a half weeks, compared to 7 months of work. And the link-building activity has slowed down if anything. And I've only been concentrating on 2 of your tools so far..."

"Good God! I've just spent the last 3 hours reading the entire site top to bottom, and I'm sitting here with my head literally spinning at what this is going to mean to my link building and content production for the future..."

"Jeez fella... It's like you said somewhere - this is SEO on STEROIDZ! Damn, it's like you read my mind, and created most of the tools that I'd been missing for the last 2 years..."

While there are many 'submission' services and tools on the market, there's a distinct lack of processing tools for preparing your content, getting it into the best formats, spinning it in the most efficient way, and dealing with all those URL & anchors lists.

Over the last 4-5 years, we've created a powerful & extensive suite of tools to assist with our SEO and content marketing business; tried-and-tested tools that support & enhance all the major submission services and software that we all use.

And now we've decided to release a selection of those tools to the online marketing community...

For a single monthly subscription, you can access this entire suite and really power-up your online marketing activity. These tools free-up time, make you more efficient, and ensure you're getting the best results from your content marketing efforts.

Over the coming months, depending on what members are asking for, we'll be gradually adding more tools into the suite. (Our private set of tools has MANY more than we're initially providing here.) And as this public suite becomes increasingly powerful, we naturally expect to raise the monthly subscription for new subscribers.

By joining now, you 'lock-in' the starting subscription price, which will never increase while you remain a member; we guarantee it. After all, if you're helping to shape the future of the tool-set, then you shouldn't have to pay any more.

There are 2 levels of membership available: Standard & Premium. Standard membership is fine for most online marketers; it provides economical access to an entire suite of tools which will massively enhance your marketing efforts.

Premium membership is for power users; those that need to 'play' at the next level... The background data-sets, filters and allowances that drive the Premium version will truly help you 'push the envelope' in all areas of your online marketing.

Standard Membership : $27pm

Utilizes The UberToolz Standard Data-Sets For Your Outputs
File-Sizes & Output Allowances Are Geared To Match
Membership Is Open To All
1 Uber Articlez Credit Per Day : No Access To Desktop Blog Poster

The Economy Option For Typical Users

Premium Membership : $37pm

Utilizes The UberToolz Premium Data-Sets : A Massive Increase!
Premium Members Have Vastly Increased File-Sizes & Options
Membership Is Restricted To Retain Data-Set Power
5 Uber Articlez Creditz Per Day & Desktop Blog Poster Access

The Premium Option For POWER Users

Scroll Down The Page (Or Click HERE) For Part 2 : Watch in Full Screen (HD) for the best view.

Char Spinner : HTML Character-Spin Your Text/Content

Simply put: Character-spinning turns a simple text-file into an instant hyper-spun document; helping avoid duplicate content penalties and issues.

The concept of replacing individual characters with non-standard HTML equivalents has been around for a while in the 'inner circle' of online-marketing. We've been using it for years ourselves, and the results are astounding; with much higher indexing rates being achieved... A real 'game-changer' in every sense!

This incredibly powerful technique takes any written content and spins it at the letter-level, either outputting single publishing-ready versions, or a spintax-embedded master version - suitable for dropping into auto-submission systems; and that's where the REAL power of this method comes in.

You can control the word replacement frequency and define protected words, so that keyword-rich content remains un-touched, to help with both Search Engine crawling and analysis.

Standard members can character-spin up to 50kb of content at one time. Premium members can character-spin up to 250kb at one-time.

Our public 'Character Spinning Explanation' page, complete with an example, can be viewed >> HERE <<

Nested Spinner : Output Content From Any Nested Spintax

Spinners are an essential tool for every online marketer; but are often only available as part of a submission tool. There are many times when we need to output a few spun versions of some content quickly and easily, without having to load up another set of tools... So here's our answer...

We provide an instant, and easy-to-use, web-based spinner that will take any standard {nested {braces-spintax|spintax}} - and output a number of versions as simple text.

It also works fabulously in conjunction with our character-spinner and other toolz; so you can output single versions from a spintax-embedded character-spinner output. And it's always useful to have on hand for testing/viewing any other spintax outputs - and ensuring everything is working as it should.

Standard members can use spintax content of up to 100kb in size, and output up to 3 versions at one time; Premium members can use spintax content of up to 500kb, and output up to 10 at one time.

Note: This isn't a tool to 'create' the initial spintax-formatted content; it's a handy tool to output spun versions whenever you need them.

Auto Spintaxer : Auto-Spintax Your Articles & Content

Auto Spintaxing is one of the fastest short-cuts to more unique content. This tool is designed to take your article/content and automatically add-in {braced|phrases} spintax.

The content that is output is set at the best quality level that we can achieve without full language processing, but if you want to be sure that it reads well, you should always manually check it through afterwards.

It's a LOT quicker to Auto-Spintax content - and then proof-read and correct it afterwards,
than it is to spin it yourself manually...
This is a HUGE time-saver!

Title Builder : Auto-Generate SEO-Optimized Titles From Keywords

One of the most important pieces of the SEO marketing puzzle is a unique title for each version of content. It's pointless going to all the trouble of getting unique content, if all the titles are the same; it's an immediate red-flag that the content may be duplicate. And coming up with unique titles gets very difficult after a few hundred versions, let alone thousands...

Our software takes a list of keywords and auto-generates your titles for you; either as a simple text-list, or as a spintax-embedded {braces|construct} - ready for an auto-submission system.

This tool is another 'game-changer'... Because if you know SEO, then you'll understand just how important titles are for organic search-ranking; page-titles are hugely responsible for long-tail searches. And since Google's recent updates, 'mixed' titles have become more important than ever for getting content crawled and indexed. You simply have to use modifiers, prefixes and suffixes on all anchors and titles now, or the over-optimisation filters will permanently plague your results.

On-page SEO is considered dead by many SEO's in the traditional sense - except for the vital topic of over-optimisation. Keyword density - especially in titles and anchor-text - has now become a 'control' rather than a target. One of the biggest mistake new internet marketers make, is the over-optimisation of keyword-rich titles and the anchors that point at them.

Standard members get access to our own proprietary data-set - which can create 60,000 different title permutations per keyword (outputting up to 100 at a time.) Premium members get access to our 'enhanced' data-set - which can create around 2.75 million different title permutations per keyword (outputting up to 500 at a time.)

You'll NEVER run out of title ideas again...

URL Anchors : Process URL Lists To Auto-Generate Anchors

Every day, we have many harvested, scraped and outputted lists of URL's that have been created via auto-submission systems, not to mention all our own URL's that we're building backlinks to. We then need to take that list and drop it into another system for building the 2nd tier of links; and so on...

The real problem comes in, (as any experienced online-marketer will tell you,) when you need this URL list in a specific format for a certain system, with a bunch of varied {spun} anchors to be used to create the next tier of links...

And of course, you want some 'contextual' anchors, some URL/Domain anchors, and some random/mixed generic anchors too, to really mix it up and keep it looking natural; to avoid the over-optimisation filters.

Doing this manually for hundreds or even thousands of URL's takes forever... It's a 'Notepad-Nightmare'... Until now...

Our software takes a clean URL list - and one-by-one, it extracts any embedded keyword strings, (like tags, directory names and article titles etc.) together with the root domain, and then mixes these with a few random generic anchors. It then outputs them all in a standard (and configurable) spintax-formatted text feed list, with URL/Anchor binding; ready for dropping into the ScrapeBox commenter, Dripable, Backlinks Genie, Drip Feed Blast etc.

OR... It can output them as HTML/BB coded link lists for other link systems (or manual encoding.)

PLUS... It can roll them all up into a massive super-spintax block ready to be used in signatures/resource-boxes/links...

Problem solved! This really is another one of those clever tools, that you might not fully appreciate the immense impact of at first... But it will change the way you deal with submission services forever. We've estimated that this one tool saves us literally hundreds of work-hours every year.

Standard members can process up to 500 URL's at once. Premium members can process up to 2,500 URL's at once.

UberCubez³ Spinner : Ultra-Spin Your Web 2.0 Content & Articles

During 2006, we were experimenting with ways of massively increasing the number of spins & permutations available from a piece of content. Both to decrease the amount of original work we needed to create, and also to get more leverage out of what we were doing...

We came up with UberCubez³...

UberCubez³ are extended article-constructs built in a very specific way:

  1. They are much easier to read, maintain and update than standard nested spintax (which is horrible to work with.)
  2. Our creation steps allow anyone to easily prepare them; even people who usually find article writing difficult.
  3. Because of the way they're constructed and output, they have a MASSIVE level of permutations: A typical 4 sentence paragraph constructed via the UberCubez³ method has 1 Trillion permutations... Yes... We said Trillion.

Now, like many ideas, this one certainly isn't unique, and we know other marketers out there that are selling similar 'methods' of construction, (but usually without purpose-built output systems.) But our system is easy to follow, and although it will take you quite a bit longer to create UberCubez³, than to write a typical article, the end result is something factorially more powerful.

And our system doesn't just provide individual spun versions; it outputs thousands of different nested-spintax sub-sets, ready for submission systems. It's incredibly powerful, and once you get your head round it, you'll never look at article & content marketing in the same way again. If it doesn't blow you away, then you haven't understood it!

Standard members can process UberCubez³ of up to 150kb in size, and output up to 3 versions at one time; Premium members can process UberCubez³ of up to 1Mb in size, and output up to 50 versions at one time. Premium members also gain the ability to download all versions in a single ZIP file (each version is saved as an individual .txt file).

Check Out Our NEW Video Series: Using UberCubez³ - 3D Super-Spinning...

You can see our full written UberCubez³ Creation Guidelines & Technical Notes >> HERE <<

Link Coder : Generate HTML/BB Link Spintax From Keywords

There's one thing in common with all online content marketing - and that's building backlinks...

In fact, the ONLY reason we create content outside of our own sites - is to give us the opportunity to place our backlinks! Why else would we go to all that trouble, unless we're getting a backlink to help us climb the organic search-engine rankings...

So creating link-code in the most efficient way is a constant task.

And while we're doing this, we're juggling all the SEO factors that are involved with anchor-text; using the correct proportion of keyword-rich anchors with mixed, generic & domain anchors etc. Since Google's Penguin update, we're trying to avoid over-optimisation, and yet trying to get our keywords used as much as possible, and in as many different ways as we can; so we have a good keyword distribution curve.

And of course, to be efficient with distribution, all the submission systems we use require spintax-based link blocks - so we don't just use the same anchors every time - but get a good semi-random mix automatically.

Preparing these link blocks for our signatures, resources & profiles etc. takes a lot of time and effort. And we need them to be coded into full nested spintax HTML, BB-Code or wiki-link format. Plus, we need them embedded into proper English statements so we can use them for 'in-content' contextual linking as well, and have them not look out of place...

Problem solved... Our tool does ALL of that! Turn a simple comma-separated list of URL's and keywords into completely configurable HTML/BB-code/Wiki formatted nested-spintax blocks of embedded links; ready for signatures, resources, profiles and 'in-content' contextual placing. THIS is the DADDY of Link-Coders - and one of our most-used internal toolz.

Check Out Our NEW Video Series: Link Building For SEO: Post Panda & Penguin...

Standard members can process up to 10 URL's, each with up to 5 seed keywords per nested block; Premium members can process up to 100 URL's, each with up to 10 seed keywords per nested block!

Text Cleaner : Clean/Strip Non-Standard Characters From Text

We often have content that's been created inside a word-processor or harvested from some on-line source. It's usually full of junk & non-standard display characters, like curly apostrophes and quotes etc. (Not to forget our own HTML Character Spinning outputs.)

This simple tool gives you the ability to immediately strip, clean and convert this into standard text format. (It also 'reverses' our Character Spinning process - which can be useful sometimes.)

There are also options for removing all non-alpha characters, spaces and line-breaks etc.

String Generator : Generate Passwords & Character Strings

With all the auto-submission systems we use, one thing remains constant in online marketing: The need for LOTS of account creation. Whenever you're creating accounts, you need secure, random auto-generated passwords. There are also many times when embedding a unique string in a piece of content can help you to find and track it on the web.

This simple tool allows you to specify whether to use upper/lower case, numbers and symbols, the length of the string and how many versions to output.

Standard members can output up to 200 at once. Premium members can process up to 1000 at once.

Name Generator : Generate Random Name Strings For Tracking

One of the simplest ways to track your content on the web is by embedding a unique character string; that you can later search for. And names provide the obvious opportunity for a unique string to be embedded into any submitted content...

So, we created this incredible name generator that allows the construction of literally billions of name permutations. At its maximum setting, there are nearly 3 Trillion name permutations available - certainly enough to never worry about duplication!

We simply embed a single one of these names in a resource box, article, content submission or page creation. There are 1001 ways to get a person's name into a web-page - all very transparent and natural looking (often the author name, or co-author, or just a 'thank you' to X for Y.) If you do 100 submissions from a system and they're all embedded with that particular name, then a simple Google "Name in quotes" search will reveal all the indexed pages (or you could harvest the URL's via ScrapeBox...)

Of course, many systems have their own 'live-links' or submission 'memory' systems - and this is not designed to replace those. But if you're doing effective SEO then you're driving link-building across a diverse range of formats/systems & IP addresses. And there is no system we know of that can track multiple independent systems simultaneously. A simple embedded name takes care of all that, and gives you a simple, quick, effective and 'free-of-captcha-cost' way of tagging any set of content or submissions however YOU choose.

This simple tool allows you to specify the format of the name string so you can use it however you please - and it even shows you the maximum number of possible permutations at each setting, so you can see just how 'random' it is.

Standard members can output up to 200 names at once. Premium members can process up to 1000 at once.

URL Cleaner : Clean/Strip Characters From Text/URL's

We often have large lists of URL's that have extra text either in front of, or after, the physical web address. These sometimes come from systems outputs, where the PageRank has been suffixed, or there is link/anchor information following the http://address. Often they're submission or account creation exports that are part of a larger report, and they can't be seperated out to just leave the URL on it's own.

So... We created this tool to handle all the situations when we need to either strip characters from the front or the end of a line. And it doesn't just have to be just URL's; it can be any text lists which need processing.

But with URL's we add an extra function - where we trim down to the 'root' domain. This is useful in a lot of situations where we want to take a quantity of URL's and drill down to the unique root domains in that list. We can also 'de-dupe' or remove the duplicates to cull the list down. (This aspect works in a similar way to ScrapeBox.)

This tool is also useful for getting URL lists 'in-line' with http:// syntax. If some of your URL's have it, and others don't, then you can drop them in here and choose if you want the http:// at the start or not. Generally, for URL's, you want the http:// there.

Standard members can process 500 URL's/Lines at one time; Premium members can process 2,500 at one time.

Blog Poster : Post Spun Content To Your WordPress Sites

It can become very time-consuming adding fresh new content pages to our blogs/WordPress sites...

So... We created this tool to quickly post new pages to any XML-RPC blog; like WordPress.

All you need is a simple author account and password which you create in your 'Users' area.

Many of our toolz output nested spintax content, and so this module enables you to post original outputs directly to your own blogs, creating new pages in seconds. You can also obviously post 'Character-Spun' content as well, and insert basic HTML tags for links etc. (Use our Link Coder to create spun resource/link blocks.)

Standard members can store 50 of their blogs for posting to. Premium members can store 500.

The online version posts to a single blog at a time. However... Premium members can download our desktop based WordPress Multi-Poster - which can post spun pages to 500 WordPress sites with a single click!   >> Read More <<

TBS API Access : 'The Best Spinner' Web Access

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere for the last couple of years, you'll know about Jon Leger's 'The Best Spinner'...

Quite simply, it's one of the best manual and auto-creators of spintax available. Their thesaurus database is superb, and auto-spins can be set at 3 different quality levels - producing excellent results. It's also one of the easiest manual spintax editors to use, allowing you to create your own 'favourites'. We were part of the original testing user-base, and have never looked back.

Once you have a TBS license, (which we recommend everyone should,) our page allows you to easily access their web API (Application Programming Interface.) What this means is, you can perform some of the quick 'auto-spinning' over the web, without starting up the desktop software; saving a lot of time.

Auto-Spintax embedding and Auto-Rewriting are used a lot by online marketers; our module gives you one-page, online access to their API service (as long as you have a TBS login.)

Splice & Spin : Splice Multiple Articles Into One Spintax Construct

One of the most popular ways of quickly creating spun content, is to gather up a wide collection of articles on the same topic or theme, and then splice them together at the paragraph level into large spintax constructs.

But doing this manually, article by article, while shuffling the paragraphs and ensuring that you don't break the spintax, is a copy-and-paste nightmare. Which is why we created this incredibly handy tool...

Simple copy and paste in a bunch of articles, leave a blank line between each (entering '##' to denote the end of each article,) and then just choose your output options... It's as easy as that!

You can select how many paragraphs you want the final construct to contain, and whether you want to Char Spin it with either the Standard or Extended code-set, massively increasing each ouput's uniqueness.

Standard members can input up to 75k of article text (approx. 20 x 700 word articles) which with short'ish paragraphs will yield a 12 paragraph construct with 20 spins each. Premium members can input up to 200k of article text (approx. 50 x 700 word articles) which with short'ish paragraphs will yield a 12 paragraph construct with 50 spins each.

Uber Articlez : Your Source Of Original Articles

As a BONUS for our members: We now provide access to our constantly updated database of pre-built original articles & content across 110+ different niches and topics. This database is used by us internally as part of our ongoing marketing & SEO.

Every day, Premium members earn 5 credits and Standard members earn 1 credit.

1 credit can be used to download 1 single unique article in any of the 110+ categories.

The system will only store 5 days credits max., so you need to visit at least once every 5 days to spend them (to prevent members from stock-piling credits.) Simply select the article category, and click the button... That's it! You'll immediately be presented with a full 'ready-to-go' (500-550 words) original article which will then be deleted from our DataBase, to ensure it's only used once per member.

You can also select whether you want the article content to be supplied Auto-Spintaxed (using our Auto Spintaxer software) - so it's immediately ready for mass-submission, and/or whether it is supplied pre-embedded with Character-Spin Spintax as well. You can use either or both options simultaneously. We can't guarantee that any of these articles will pass a Copyscape uniqueness test - as they haven't been pre-tested. While these articles are reasonably unique (usually 50-75%), and of a fairly good readable quality, they're not at a quality or uniqueness level that we recommend be used for your site. These are provided as promotional/article content to be used for marketing purposes, not site-building. Since the content is never going to be completely unique, as we generate these articles from huge libraries of spun content, we strongly recommend using the Auto-Spintaxer or Char-Spinning etc. to further mix up the content. A much better use would be to take these articles and use them as starting points and extra ideas for your own rewrites. Please remember that we provide creditz as a bonus to our members to aid with your marketing efforts; not as prime-quality site-creation content.

Markov Generator : Contextual 'Auto-Generated' Nested-Spintax

This tool uses Natural Language Processing techniques based on Markov-Chains to create large 'super-spun' nested-spintax structures of contextual 'computer-generated' content.

It works by starting with written content on a specific topic, and then uses NLP/Markov techniques to process this into mini chunks, which are rebuilt into new sentences. These sentences don't make 'sense' to a human reader, but we use sophisticated language processing techniques to ensure the structure and 'feel' of real content, so they'd pass most computer-based content checks.

This content is obviously NOT for your 'money' sites or top-tier link-building, but many internet marketers need very large quantities of highly unique content for posting to their lower-tiers (with embedded links.) Good content is always at a premium, so spending money and resources on the high volumes needed for the lower tiers can be impractical. This type of content is also often used for building out large black-hat 'cloaked' sites. And we've been asked by many members to provide this tool; so we have!

You can select one of the 90 'standard' niche categories provided as the contextual 'primer', or use your own niche-related content. If you supply your own content, we recommend 2000-5000 words of good quality and varied article writing.

You can choose to output full 'article' constructs, or single-paragraph 'snippets'. Each output from this tool provides a freshly created super-spun {braces|format} document which you can then use with any spintax-based poster.

Premium members can auto-generate much larger constructs with massively higher numbers of spin permutations.

SiteMap URL : List All URLs In An XML SiteMap

XML Sitemaps store a list of the URLs contained inside a site. For the typical WordPress or blog user, this sitemap is updated and maintained by a plug-in such as Google XML Sitemaps. Sitemaps also contains data that tells search engines when a page was last updated, and other useful info.

The problem with XML SiteMaps is that they contain a lot of XML tags and extraneous information. If you want a simple clean list of a site's URLs, then there is a lot of editing to do! This tool will take any XML SiteMap source code and process it down to a simple flat text list of URL's...

...VERY useful for getting an instant list of all a site's URLs!

Scroll Up The Page (Or Click HERE) For Part 1 : Watch in Full Screen (HD) for the best view.

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  2. You'll be directed to PayPal: Fill in the required Subscription details
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  5. Enter the Members Area to Start Using UberToolz...
Standard Membership : $27pm

Utilizes The UberToolz Standard Data-Sets For Outputs
Standard Allowed File-Sizes & Output Options
Membership Open To All
1 Uber Articlez Credit Per Day : No Access To Desktop Blog Poster

The Economy Option For Typical Users

Premium Membership : $37pm

Utilizes The UberToolz Premium Data-Sets : A Massive Increase!
Premium Members Have Vastly Increased File-Sizes & Options
Membership Numbers Restricted To Retain Data-Set Power
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The Premium Option For POWER Users

Once you join, your monthly subscription is 'locked-in' for life: Even when we add more tools to the suite and the prices increase.