Article Marketing Robot: AMRX Export File To URL List Converter

AMR (Article Marketing Robot) is one of the most popular online marketing tools available, and for regular users, there is a constant need to update, add & blacklist (remove) directories.

As part of this process, users will often find themselves with a standard AMR export file (which has an .amrx file extension) that they need to import into the software, but would prefer a simple text list of URL's so they can manually edit the list and remove unwanted directories before importing.

This FREE tool provides that function: Simply open the .amrx file in notepad or your favourite text editor (we recommend NotePad2), and copy and paste the entire file contents into the box below and click 'Extract URLs'. You will be presented with all the URL's as a plain text list. This tool is limited to processing 500kb of text data - which normally equates to around 9k directories.