UberToolz Affiliates : Information On Becoming An Affiliate

Applying To Become An UberToolz Affiliate

Becoming an UberToolz affiliate is a simple process. You need to email us at: admin@ubertoolz.com and provide us with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Company name (if applicable)
  3. Country of residence (for tax purposes)
  4. VAT Number (if UK VAT registered)
  5. Correspondence email address
  6. PayPal email address (for commissions to be sent to, PayPal ONLY)
  7. What affiliate programs you currently belong to (or what experience you have.) We need to get a sense of what you bring to the table, as we don't want affiliates who aren't going to put any effort in.
  8. How you intend to promote us (No Email Promotion)

Affiliate Rules, Guidelines & Commissions

  1. We do NOT allow any email marketing of ANY KIND whatsoever: Only website promotion via banners and text-links (including signatures, articles, forum/blog posts etc.) If you're in doubt, then email and tell us your ideas, and we'll discuss it.
  2. You need to remain a current member to be an affiliate for us, as we don't believe anyone should promote tools they don't use themselves.
  3. Commissions are only paid on full retail priced sales achieved via your affiliate link. Commissions will not be paid if someone clicks on a special discount or promo' link (as this is already discounted.)
  4. Affiliate commissions will not be paid on ANY subscription that is found/suspected to be fraudulent in any way. Neither will commissions be paid when purchasing through your own affiliate link.
  5. Your affiliate cookie lasts for 30 days, unless 'replaced' by a click from another affiliate's link.
  6. Commissions are usually $10p.m. on the Premium $47p.m. subscription, and $10p.m. on the Standard $27p.m. subscription. UK/EU subscriber payments are subject to VAT and so commissions are reduced to $8p.m.
  7. We pay commissions at the end of the month, on the month following the actual subscription payment. i.e. If a member pays during January, commissions are due at the end of February. Commissions are paid net of any PayPal refunds, cancellations, charge-backs and sales taxes.
  8. You are NOT allowed to purchase ANY domain names which include the words 'UberToolz' unless these are specifically agreed in advance in writing with us (i.e. NO purchasing of 'UberToolzDiscount.com' or 'UberToolzReviews.org' type domains etc.) Anyone found purchasing and using any such domain will have their affiliate account deleted, and all sales and all current, pending, owed or future commissions will be immediately and completely forfeit forever. This is to protect our name and avoid any sites that may look like they're 'officially' sanctioned by us.
  9. We're an honest and ethical company; as long as you play fair, we will too.

Affiliate Reporting

You will be provided with an affiliate statistics page which shows a 'live' running total of all new visitors to the main index.php page (which is where all affiliates should be linking to.) We show the running live total of the current period at the top, and a list of all previous periods with the number of new visits achieved through your affiliate link.

You will also receive an email (to your correspondence email address) when a new subscription has been sold/setup via PayPal. (Please remember, this could still be subject to a cancellation/refund or chargeback though - as per PayPal's Terms & Conditions.) We do not provide any personal details of the sign-up for data protection reasons.