URL Anchors: Process URL Lists To Generate Spun Anchors

This software takes a clean URL List (often an export from a link-building service or ScrapeBox) and attempts to strip the data and prepare a list (or spintax-embedded link-block) ready for use with another link creation system (often to generate 2nd tier links pointed at the first set of URL's / links.) It's designed to save time by auto-creating varied and contextual anchors for large URL sets; saving an awful lot of manual work.

This is also essential to bind the anchor text to the URL in many submission systems. Scrapebox spinnable comments and post/profile/comment services like Dripable/DFB/Backlinks Genie etc. rely heavily on this feature. It's also very useful for creating large auto-submission signatures / resources / links; so you can utilise a random link each time.

Output is either a text link list in 'spun' anchor format: URL[Separator]{URL Keywords Anchor|Domain Anchors|Random Generic Anchors}

...or it can be output as a list of HTML/BB code spintaxed links. You have the option to roll the entire URL list up into a single massive nested-spintax block, which can be used in spinning auto-submission systems for randomly-selected link output. You can also change the embedded spintax characters, so you can alter the output to suit alternate and non-standard spinning systems.

This tool is very powerful... and you'll need to play with it for a while to understand just how much time it will save you! Standard members can process 500 URL's at one time; Premium members can process 2,500 at one time.

Enter URL List (Clean HTTP://URL's ONLY - No Other Outputs) Data Locked In Demo Mode

Output as:                   (For HTML or BB Only)

Wrap output anchors with the and character(s). Use as the anchor divider character(s).

Use as the 'Text Link List' URL/anchor separator character(s). (SPACE for ScrapeBox Spinnable Comments & others, '##' for Dripable etc..)