Character Spinner: HTML Character-Spin Your Text/Content

Simply put: Character-spinning turns a simple text-file into an instant hyper-spun document; helping avoid duplicate content penalties and issues. The concept of replacing individual characters/letters with 'non-standard' HTML equivalents has been around for a while in the 'inner circle' of online-marketing; we've been using it for years ourselves, and the results are astounding - with much higher indexing rates being achieved.

This incredibly powerful technique takes any written content and spins it at the letter-level (i.e. letter-by-letter), either outputting a single publishing-ready version, or a spintax-embedded master version - suitable for dropping into auto-submission systems; and that's where the REAL power of this method comes in.

Enter Article/Content (Content Locked For Demo)

Enter Protected Words (Comma-Delimited Keywords You Do NOT Want Spun) (Locked For Demo)



Randomly spin at least 1 word in every consecutive words. (Some words can't be spun - as all letters are not available.)

Character Spinning essentially 'rewrites' your content into an alternative (and randomised) web-format that appears completely normal to the viewer, but looks totally different to the search-engines. It simply replaces certain letters of the alphabet with HTML code variations. Using the 'Extended Codes' it maximizes variation via the use of foreign characters which look exactly the same as the UK characters. The Standard Codes limits the variation to pure English Standard ASCII codes. Standard members can use content of up to 50k in size. Premium members can use content of up to 250k in size.

NOTE: To protect any #tags# embedded in your content, all text/tags spanned by #'s will be ignored. (The #'s will also be left in-place of course.) You don't need to enter these words/tags in the protected words box either. This also enables you to define blocks of text that won't be spun.

e.g. In this line we will ignore the #words that are here# and this #tag(1)# and spin the rest. (Make sure that #'s are always in pairs.)

View our public 'Character Spinning Explanation' page HERE

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