Link Coder: Generate HTML/BB/Wiki Link Code From Keywords

This software takes simple comma-delimited lists of URLs and keywords, and spins them into full nested-spintax link blocks encoded in HTML, BB-Code or wiki-link format, which can then be used in spinning submission systems for randomly-selected link output. This completely automates the creation of all spintax signatures / resource boxes / profile links etc. and ensures a varied mix of anchors with an appropriate keyword density & distribution curve; thus avoiding over-optimisation issues. (See notes at bottom of page.)

You can change whether you want domain anchors and/or generic anchors ('click here' etc.) as well as mixed keyword anchors, plus you can select how many of each (so you can control the percentage mix of keyword-rich anchors.)

Enter URL & Keyword List 1 (Format: URL,Keyword#1,Keyword#2,Keyword#3... Data Locked For Demo)

Enter URL & Keyword List 2 (Format: URL,Keyword#1,Keyword#2,Keyword#3,...Data Locked For Demo)


Output as:        

Add Mixed Keyword Anchors (Max 3); Add Mixed Generic Anchors (Max 2); Add Domain Anchors (Max 2) Demo Mode

For all Spintax use and as the braces, and as the anchor divider character(s).

Limit URL/Domain anchors to characters maximum (including the 'http://',) and trim to the the 'root' domain when longer than this.

The default values of 5 extra mixed anchors, 3 generic and 2 domain anchors, means that if you input 5 keywords, then you'll end up with 15 anchors in total with an equal possibility of being 'chosen'. So 33% of your anchors are your primary keywords, 33% 'contain' your primary keywords (but are mixed up into extended phrases,) and 33% contain generic and domain anchors (5|5|3+2).

For a 'Penguin-safe' output, you should uncheck the "Use 'Bare' Keywords" option and use 10 mixed keywords, 10 generic, and 10 URL anchors (or more if you're a premium member!) This is a really good (and safe) keyword distribution curve, which will really help you avoid over-optimisation. It will avoid using your prime/bare keywords (and only use them when extended into multiple variances) and will give a profile of 1/3rd 'keyword-mixed', 1/3rd generic and 1/3rd URL/Domain/Naked anchors.

For diluting a current anchor-profile, (one that is already over-optimised and suffering from the Penguin updates,) don't use any bare or mixed keywords, and just ouput the generic and URL anchors. (Note: You'll still need keywords in the entered list, as the software looks for these to be in place for all eventualities.) Over time, this will then dilute your anchor pool by increasing the number of generic and domain/URL/naked anchors.

An 'author name' tracking signature can also be added for the subsequent finding of indexed pages in the search engines (by searching the "name" in quotes.) You can also define the spintax characters themselves, so you can alter the output to suit alternate and non-standard spinning systems. Standard members can process 10 total URL's over the 2 lists, and enter up to 5 keywords for each; Premium members can process up to 100 URL's in total, and enter up to 10 keywords each.

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