Name Generator: Generate Random Name Strings

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One of the simplest ways to track submitted content on the web is by embedding a unique character string; that you can later search for. And names provide the obvious opportunity for a unique string to be embedded into any submitted content. So, we created this incredible name generator that allows the construction of literally billions of name permutations. At its maximum setting, there are nearly 3 Trillion name permutations available - certainly enough to never worry about duplication!

Quantity (Max 1):

4,349,405 Possible Name Permutations (When Logged... Demo Limited To 4 First & Last Names)


Aaron Norton

We simply embed a single one of these names in a resource box, article or content submission set. There are 1001 ways to get a person's name into a web-page - all very transparent and natural looking (often the author name, or co-author, or just a 'thank you' to X for Y.) If you do 100 submissions across a couple of systems, and they're all embedded with that particular name, then a simple Google "Name in quotes" search will reveal all the indexed pages (or you could harvest those URL's via ScrapeBox, using the "exact match name" for example... Which is what we do.)

Of course, many systems have their own 'live-links' or submission 'memory' systems - and this is not designed to replace those. But if you're doing effective SEO then you're driving link-building across a diverse range of formats/systems & IP addresses. And there is no system we know of that can track multiple independent systems simultaneously. A simple embedded name takes care of all that, and gives you a simple, quick, effective and 'free-of-captcha-cost' way of tagging any set of content or submissions however YOU choose.

This simple tool also allows you to specify the format of the name string, and it even shows you the maximum number of possible permutations at each setting, so you can see just how 'random' it is.