SiteMap URL: List All URLs In An XML SiteMap

XML Sitemaps store a list of the URLs contained inside a site. For the typical WordPress user, this sitemap is updated and maintained by a plug-in such as Google XML Sitemaps. Sitemaps also contains data that tells search engines when a page was last updated, and other useful info.

The problem with XML SiteMaps is that they contain a lot of XML tags and extraneous information. If you want a simple clean list of a site's URLs, then there is a lot of editing to do! This tool will take any XML SiteMap source code and process it down to a simple flat text list of URL's.

You need to copy and paste the source-code of the XML SiteMap, not what is displayed on-screen, as many sitemaps use a 'style template' to change the viewed output. You can view the source-code in your browser by CTRL-U (FireFox/Chrome) or ALT-V then C in Internet Explorer. Typically, sitemap.xml files are found in the root domain of your site e.g.

Enter XML SiteMap Source Code (Demo Mode: Sitemap.xml file below is fixed - and cannot be changed)