Spinner: Output Single Content Versions From Nested Spintax

'Spinning' is the term given to re-writing your content; usually to help you publish more than one version without experiencing Search Engine penalties for duplicate content. Standard members can use spintax content of up to 100k in size and produce up to 3 versions at one time. Premium members can use spintax content of up to 500k in size and produce up to 10 versions at one time. This page will take 'spintax' ready-formatted content and output single spun versions, ready for use on a web-page or for any content submission.

Spin version(s). (3 maximum in demo mode.)

Enter Spintax Formatted Article/Content To Output (Limit Spintax Content To Maximum Of 5k Text For Demo)

Spintax format is made up of {curly|braces|and|dividers}, can be nested (meaning spins inside of spins,) and looks like this:

{This {article|content} is {spun|spun-out}|Any {article|content} {can|could} be {spun|spun-out}}.

Many of our toolz output nested spintax, and so this page can be useful for both previewing and outputting individual versions as required.