TBS API: 'The Best Spinner' API Access

'The Best Spinner' is one of the most popular text/content spinner/re-writers on the market. You need to own the software and have an official 'license' to be able to access their API (Application Programming Interface) via this page. Their usual price is $77p.a. which is great value if you do regular spinning. See the link at the bottom of the page if you want to purchase their software.

Using the API allows you to access some of the key services over the web, without running the software locally on your machine. API Access is limited to 250 uses per day under the TBS user license. You can only use this API access page if you have a legitimate TBS license - as you'll need your login email and password.

Always perform a 'Test TBS Connection' before you use it - to ensure their server is responding.

Please note: Their server can get very busy; if you experience long delays or timeouts, then try at another time of the day (off-peak) or break the content into smaller parts.

Enter TBS Login Email:

Enter TBS Password:

Enter Protected Terms (Comma-Separated List Of Words To Leave Alone)


Enter Max Synonyms to output (1-10 : plus the original word):

Quality of Auto-Spin 'Favourites':      

Enter Article Content/Text To Spin (Keep Starting Content Size Under 30k Characters / 5000 words)

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