Title Builder: Auto Generate Titles From Keywords

One of the most important pieces of the SEO marketing puzzle is a unique title for each version of content. It's pointless going to all the trouble of getting unique content, if all the titles are the same; it's an immediate red-flag that the content may be duplicate. And coming up with unique titles gets very difficult after a few hundred versions, let alone thousands.

Our software takes a comma-delimited list of keywords and auto-generates your titles for you; either as a simple text-list, or as a spintax-embedded {braces|construct} - ready for an auto-submission system. To get the best results, use 2-4 word-length phrases and use 'action/doing' words...

e.g. 'Fish Keeping,Aquarium Keeping,Aquarium Building,Building Aquariums,Aquarium Landscaping'.

Enter Comma Delimited Keyword-Phrase List

How Many Titles (Max 5 For Demo) : Output as:      

Our current standard data-set produces around 60,000 title permutations per keyword (so, 300,000 permutations from 5 keywords.) The premium data-set (for Premium members only) produces around 2.75 Million title permutations per keyword (so, 14M permutations from 5 keywords!)

Standard members can choose to build up to 100 different titles at one time and either have them output as a simple text list, or as a {braces|spun} block - ready to be dropped into any spinning submission system. Premium members can output 500 at a time. You can, of course, re-run page this for another set of titles!

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