URL Cleaner: Clean/Strip Characters From Text/URL List

We often have large lists of URL's that have extra text either in front of, or after, the physical web address.

These sometimes come from systems outputs, where the PageRank has been suffixed, or there is link/anchor information following the http://address. Often they're submission system or account creation exports that are part of a larger report, and they can't be seperated out to just leave the URL on it's own.

So... We created this tool to handle all the situations when we need to either strip characters from the front or the end of a line. And it doesn't just have to be just URL's; it can be any text lists which need processing.

characters   and/or   the last characters from each line... OR...

, and everything after (and including) the last instance of .

The URLs must be the ONLY thing on the line for the following options to work; so clean off any other chars first...


Enter URL or Text List To Clean/Strip (Max 10 Lines For Demo Mode)

Note: With URL's we add an extra unique function - where we trim down to the 'root' domain. This simply means we remove the final part of the URL after the domain. This is useful in a lot of situations where we want to take a quantity of URL's and drill down to the unique root domains in that list. We can also 'de-dupe' or remove the duplicates to cull the list down. (This aspect works in a similar way to ScrapeBox.)

This tool is also useful for getting URL lists 'in-line' with http:// syntax. If some of your URL's have it, and others don't, then you can drop them in here and choose if you want the http:// at the start or not. Generally, for URL processing, you want the http:// there. Standard members can process 500 URL's/Lines at one time; Premium members can process 2,500 at one time.

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