UberCubez³ Spinner: Ultra-Spin Your UberCubez³ Articles

UberCubez³ are specific article constructs that allow for a massive level of spinning. We've been using this technology for many years (since 2006), and we're still using some of our original UberCubez³ constructs. i.e. they're still creating unique outputs after literally hundreds of thousands of submissions.

This page is designed to take an UberCubez³ article construct and output it in one of two forms; either a single output for use in a submission or web-page, or a mini spintax-embedded subset of the UberCubez³ construct (which is what this was really designed for!) We added extra features on 22/11/12: See our written Guidelines & Notes

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Enter UberCubez³ Construct (Dummy Content Locked Below For Demo)

Mode:  Create versions (1 For Demo*).    

        Output paragraphs²     Use sentence varations²

A full UberCubez³ construct can create thousands of different standard spintax articles, ready for dropping into any spinning-submission software. So each time you create a new submission run/set, you use a new output (from here) of the UberCubez³ construct...

For example: You do an output to feed an article/content submission to a hundred directories/sites; each one will be completely different as it is nested-spun. For the next run you come back here and create another fresh output - so that it's re-spun out in a completely different way, with different paragraphs, sentence variations and ordering. This way, you keep on producing articles that aren't just different to the search-engines, but read completely differently to the human-moderators as well.

*Premium members ONLY : When more than 1 version is selected, the system will auto-generate a ZIP file containing all outputs - which you can immediately download. You can also generate multiple spintax embedded outputs for mass submission systems.

¹This locks the fist/last paragraph into place in the output construct for intro's & outro's. Leaving this box unchecked means you end up with random first/last paragraphs.

²These numbers are guidelines only. The construct can only use as many paragraphs or sentences as you've entered. The sentence variations feature enables you to define how many of your sentence rewrites are used as part of the output spintax construct. If you've made 5 rewrites (plus the original version) then you have 6 sentence versions in total. Entering 3 in this box will randomly choose 3 of those 6 for each UberCube build. If the software finds that you have some sentences that only have 1 rewrite, (2 versions total,) then it can only use those 2. In the same way that paragraph re-ordering and substitution helps to really mix up your content, this feature does a similar thing at sentence level (but obviously can't reorder sentences - or you'd end up with nonsense.)

Standard members can use UberCubez³ constructs of up to 150k in size. Premium members can use UberCubez³ constructs of up to 750k in size.

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