AMR Guidelines: Using Article Marketing Robot With UberToolz


Article Marketing Robot is the most effective article directory submission software currently available. As with all tools, getting the best results requires time, patience and experience. We've been using it a long time, and we use it a lot. This page is designed to give you a bunch of experience 'shortcuts' and to help you to understand the 'best practices' both for AMR, and for the use of UberToolz to massively increase it's effectiveness.

Many of these overall Guidelines, Hints & Tips will apply to all software submission systems, so this is valuable reading for any content submission process; you'll just be using different steps. The principles and concepts remain the same however.

PLEASE READ our > Mass Submission Guidelines < for a proper background in the use of all mass submission tools!

Standard Hints & Tips For Getting The Most Out Of AMR

Mastering the use of AMR takes a lot of work, testing and patience; don't expect to get it right immediately! We use it on an large scale, and we've found that these are the key factors to maximise success:

Account Sign-Up
  1. Use the 'pre-pop' button to randomise names for each account. Use the' appended numbers' to extend them further.
  2. Use to create original account details. You can request a single output file to be emailed to you with 5,000 ready-made accounts on the Order in Bulk page. Store this in a spread-sheet and you then have them ready to go whenever you need them. Choose the fields that AMR requests.
  3. Always use 10 character passwords for the account. Use upper/lowercase & numbers only. Use our StringGen tool to create 00's at a time and add to the fake accounts list.
  4. Use cPanel email accounts only - and rotate over many different domains. .info's are cheap disposable domains. Set the account to 'delete messages from server' in AMR. You don't want them building up and requiring time-consuming house-keeping.
  5. Always use a short/different (less than 250 chars) BIO. Use any decent spun block of text relevant to the articles you're submitting. Keep it generic if you're covering a lot of different niches.
  6. Use DeathByCaptcha - as it's cheaper than the others.
  7. After the 1st attempt to sign-up to all the directories, go back and re-try all the failed ones - you'll get an extra 10-30% - depending on the time of day. Simply select Status:OK & Submitted:No & Fail; then refresh the list.
  8. Use a NEW IP address EVERY time you sign-up for a new account: You may just be able to reset your router if your ISP dynamically assigns it, or you may need HMA (Hide My Ass) or some other proxy solution. Our Members Area main pages shows your IP and GEO-Country at the bottom of the page. Make sure your IP has actually changed!
  9. Import small (and cleaned) directory lists regularly onto a 2nd PC AMR installation. Export the successful ones to the main submission PC. This helps keep your submission time down and avoids large 'black' lists on your main submission PC.
  10. ADVANCED: Track your sign-up success and remove sites that do not allow sign-ups 6 times in a row. This requires some AMR report exports and some spreadsheet knowledge. Do this once/twice per month to clean out useless dir's and save time and captcha cost.
    Essentially, you choose Status:None, Submitted:All Options, and refresh the list, then select them all and right-click and select Reports:Simple. This will output a .CSV file of all failed accounts. If you do this for each signup, and combine all the reports in Excel, you'll be able to see which ones are continually failing. These are a complete waste of time, and just make your submission take longer and cost more in Captcha Credits: Blacklist them.
  1. Don't submit hundreds of articles via the same author. Limit an author to 20-30 articles max (10-20 would be better), and don't submit every author every day. Rotate authors and use them every OTHER day if possible (or less.) e.g. if you submit 2 articles per day, you need at least 4 authors, as a rule of thumb.
  2. First; submit to ALL directories with NO summary at all and a single HTML embedded 'in content' link in the body text.
  3. Then; resubmit to all failed directories with a short summary and NO HTML embedded in content. This will yield another 10-30%.
  4. Spin the content very well - and EVERY time. i.e. use heavily nested {braces|spintax} in the article and use light (1:7) character-spinning.
  5. Try and use reasonable quality & readable content that will pass a quick human inspection. It doesn't have to perfect, so don't waste too much time on it. There are so many foreign authors with poor English grammar that it isn't critical. But, don't use junk content and expect good acceptance and indexation rates.
  6. Heavily spin the title EVERY time - use {braces|spintax} again. Title spinning is one of the most important and overlooked factors!
  7. Keep the resource/bio short; with no more than 2 HTML-coded links, and spin it properly as well. De-personalise it and just use a single unique name for "exact phrase" search indexing tracking (if you want.) Don't 'soapbox' and list your achievements in your bio, as it's yet more text to spin - and it creates a fingerprint.
  8. Use a NEW IP address EVERY time you submit: You may just be able to reset your router if your ISP dynamically assigns it, or you may need HMA (Hide My Ass) or some other proxy solution.
  9. ADVANCED: Track submission success and remove sites that do not allow submissions 6 times in a row. Also remove dir's that allow sign-ups but do not allow submissions. This requires the exporting of some AMR reports and some spreadsheet knowledge. Do this once/twice per month to clean out useless dir's and save time and captcha cost.
    Essentially, you choose Status:OK, Submitted:No & Fail, and refresh the list, then select them all and right-click and select Reports:Simple. This will output a .CSV file of all failed submissions. Use these in conjunction with the failed sign-ups to keep your directory list lean and tight.

The Key Steps To Maximising AMR's Effectiveness With UberToolz

UberToolz provides a number of modules which effectively do most of the prep & spinning work for you. Using our tools will massively increase your acceptance and overall indexation rates, as the content will be much more unique - and it will be formatted correctly from an SEO perspective.

Follow through these steps, and build up your submissions for the day in a single text file; then you can do a quick copy-and-paste into AMR.

  1. Use the UberArticlez tool to get a free article if you're a Premium member. Download it as a AutoSpintaxed version.
  2. If you're a Standard member, take your own article content and run it through the AutoSpintaxer.
  3. Use the first paragraph of the spun article (or any generic/outline paragraph) as your AMR Summary. You will only use this on a small percentage of directories that require it.
  4. Copy the entire spun article into our Char-Spinner and select the Embed {Spintax} option, with a 'light' encoding of 1:6 - 1:7. Use the top HTML Encoded block output. Use this as your AMR body text.
  5. Use the Title Builder with the option to create titles from your keywords. Use 'action/doing' keywords where possible.
  6. Use the Link Coder to create your Resource/Signature block. Drop in your list of URL's with anchors, split over the 2 blocks. i.e. if you have 6 URL's, then put 3 in each. If you have more than one domain, then use different domains for the first and second blocks, as this will avoid too many links being created to the same domain from the one article URL. Select the HTML option and leave the rest as it is, unless you know what you're doing - and you've played with it for a while. Use Author tracking if required.
  7. Use the Link Coder 1st Output Block 'Resource/Signature' as the AMR Resource.
  8. Take the Link Coder 2nd output block and paste it at the end of a middle paragraph in the main body content. This inserts an 'in-content' contextual link. Be careful not to break any spintax!
  9. Enter your list of categories & keywords (we use the same comma-delimited list for both.) Make sure they contain these (or most of them):
    "news, general, miscellaneous, uncategorized, misc, education, marketing, web, internet, self, work, learn, business, review, how to, other"
  10. For the first submission attempt, select all your working directories and do a full post WITHOUT the summary, but including the HTML body insert.
  11. Then select all failed and not submitted directories, and do a resubmit with the summary added and the HTML in-content block removed. (Just paste the original char-spun body back in - rather than searching through and deleting the in-content links.)

All these steps will ensure you maximise the number of successful submissions, and that your content is prepared correctly for the greatest possible acceptance and indexing rates.