Blog Poster: Post Spun Content To Your Blogs via XML-RPC

This page will take 'spintax' formatted content and then post a single spun version to your XML-RPC blog.

WordPress is the most widely used example. All you need to do for WordPress is create an author/contributor in your 'Users' panel and enable XML-RPC Remote Publishing in the 'Settings:Writing' area. You then simply use that author login name and password, together with the blog URL to publish content via this page.

Many of our toolz output nested spintax, and so this page enables you to post original outputs directly to your own blogs, creating new pages in seconds. You can also obviously post char-spun content as well, and insert basic HTML tags for links etc. (Use our Link Coder to create spun resource/link blocks.)

After you select your blog and post, you will see a preview at the bottom of the output content.

Enter Spintax Formatted Title (Use Our Title Builder For Keyword-Rich Optimised Titles) (Demo Data Locked)

Enter Spintax Formatted Article/Content To Output (Demo Data Locked)

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Spintax format is made up of {curly|braces|and|dividers}, can be nested (meaning spins inside of spins,) and looks like this:

{This {article|content} is {spun|spun-out}|Any {article|content} {can|could} be {spun|spun-out}}.

WordPress also allows you to select the category you post to: You can set the category for each blog in the Blog List Maintenance area.

Standard members can use spintax content of up to 100k in size and post to any one of 50 max. stored blogs. Premium members can use spintax content of up to 500k in size and post to any one of 500 max stored blogs.

>> UberToolz Desktop WordPress Poster << is now available for download to PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY.